JAVA Microservices

Неплохая подборка материалов для изучения микрсервисов Микросервисы (Microservices) Микросервисная архитектура: плюсы и минусы Переписываем домашний проект на микросервисы (Java, Spring Boot, Gradle)

JAVA TimeZONE with example

java TimeZOne

Java have 599 TimeZones Etc/GMT+12 (UTC-12:00) Pacific/Pago_Pago (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Samoa (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Niue (UTC-11:00) US/Samoa (UTC-11:00) Etc/GMT+11 (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Midway (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Honolulu (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Rarotonga (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Tahiti (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Johnston (UTC-10:00) US/Hawaii (UTC-10:00) SystemV/HST10 (UTC-10:00) Etc/GMT+10 (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Marquesas (UTC-09:30) Etc/GMT+9 (UTC-09:00) Pacific/Gambier (UTC-09:00) America/Atka (UTC-09:00)…

Ubuntu installation

Ubuntu 18

Do you want install Ubuntu ? You have 2 ways to do it: 1. Install from DVD disk 2. Install from USB boot device Step 1: Download Ubuntu from official web-site downloads Ubuntu. Choose Ubuntu Desktop version 18.04 LTS or…

Android installation on Ubuntu

Android Studio Ubuntu

Step 1: Download Android Studio from Official site Android Studio DownLoad Step 2: Copy file to /opt/ directory and extract it from archive Step 3: Start Android Studio from directory /opt/android-studio/bin/ Wait, while Android Studio will download all SDK. And…

Java Server Upload

If you want upload files to server, there are two ways: 1. Upload through Appache Commons Upload 2. Upload through com.oreilly.servlet [cos.jar]