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How to use Ajax with Java ? Bellow I show you how to do this. Will create New Project on Eclipse Enterprise Edition. File-> New-> Dynamic Web Project. Them add Java Servlet Class with specified code: Next step will create…

Java JSON – 3 ways to work with

JSon Java

In this post I show you how to work with JSON in JAVA 8. We will use 3 ways: Google Json Library, Oracle Javax Json Library and Simple Json Library. Google Json Library Google Json Maven and Jars Oracle Json…

JAVA Microservices

Неплохая подборка материалов для изучения микрсервисов Микросервисы (Microservices) Микросервисная архитектура: плюсы и минусы Переписываем домашний проект на микросервисы (Java, Spring Boot, Gradle)

JAVA TimeZONE with example

java TimeZOne

Java have 599 TimeZones Etc/GMT+12 (UTC-12:00) Pacific/Pago_Pago (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Samoa (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Niue (UTC-11:00) US/Samoa (UTC-11:00) Etc/GMT+11 (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Midway (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Honolulu (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Rarotonga (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Tahiti (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Johnston (UTC-10:00) US/Hawaii (UTC-10:00) SystemV/HST10 (UTC-10:00) Etc/GMT+10 (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Marquesas (UTC-09:30) Etc/GMT+9 (UTC-09:00) Pacific/Gambier (UTC-09:00) America/Atka (UTC-09:00)…

Ubuntu installation

Ubuntu 18

Do you want install Ubuntu ? You have 2 ways to do it: 1. Install from DVD disk 2. Install from USB boot device Step 1: Download Ubuntu from official web-site downloads Ubuntu. Choose Ubuntu Desktop version 18.04 LTS or…

Android installation on Ubuntu

Android Studio Ubuntu

Step 1: Download Android Studio from Official site Android Studio DownLoad Step 2: Copy file to /opt/ directory and extract it from archive Step 3: Start Android Studio from directory /opt/android-studio/bin/ Wait, while Android Studio will download all SDK. And…

Java Server Upload

If you want upload files to server, there are two ways: 1. Upload through Appache Commons Upload 2. Upload through com.oreilly.servlet [cos.jar]

Linux Ubuntu commands

Linux Command

# sudo – the most important command , appears to ROOT user sudo chmod [mode] [file or directory ] – change access restrict to file or directory mode – 0777 – full access to file or directory mode – 600…