Classic Java Algorithm

Java Email (SSL, TLC)

email sending

Sending Email through Java First, You need to receive GOOGLE APP password Receive Google App Password Download email JAR or define dependencies from this page Javax mail JAR page Create Java Web Dynamic Project Interface Data Access Object Level (DAO)…

JAVA TimeZONE with example

java TimeZOne

Java have 599 TimeZones Etc/GMT+12 (UTC-12:00) Pacific/Pago_Pago (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Samoa (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Niue (UTC-11:00) US/Samoa (UTC-11:00) Etc/GMT+11 (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Midway (UTC-11:00) Pacific/Honolulu (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Rarotonga (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Tahiti (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Johnston (UTC-10:00) US/Hawaii (UTC-10:00) SystemV/HST10 (UTC-10:00) Etc/GMT+10 (UTC-10:00) Pacific/Marquesas (UTC-09:30) Etc/GMT+9 (UTC-09:00) Pacific/Gambier (UTC-09:00) America/Atka (UTC-09:00)…

Java ссылки

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